Welcome to the Environmental Education Center, a meeting place for people and ideas, innovative solutions and creative expression. Here at the EEC we believe that the answers to today's most pressing environmental and ecological issues can be found by bringing people together, raising awareness, mobilizing the public and empowering youth, women, and other marginalized groups. We strive to be a center that promotes positive change, encourages innovative development, and fosters transformative relationships in the fields of environmental protection and conservation.

Through our broad-based educational programs, we aim to:

2012-01-17 02:19:13
The final statement of the Second Palestinian Environmental Awareness &Education Conference

البيان الختامي الصادر عن المؤتمر الفلسطيني الثاني للتوعية والتعليم البيئي

2011-01-19 13:38:17
The EEC organized the First Palestinian Environmental Awareness & Education Conference

مركز التعليم البيئي ينظم المؤتمر الفلسطيني البيئي الاول في التوعية والتربية البيئية تحت عنوان: المسئولية البيئية: فردية وجماعية

2011-01-19 13:32:28
EEC announced the global Uppsala Manifesto

مركز التعليم البيئي يعلن وثيقة "ابسالا" العالمية حول التغير المناخي

2011-01-19 11:30:09
The Environmental Education Center organized special training session for the Environmental Clubs

مركز التعليم البيئي ينظم دورة خاصة باعضاء النوادي البيئية بعنوان: اعلاميون بيئيون صغار

2010-09-30 10:00:16
EEC celebrates the International Clean Up Day

التعليم البيئي يحتفل بيوم النظافة العالمي

2010-09-02 15:38:06
EEC Starts receiving Migratory Birds

مركز التعليم البيئي يرصد هجرة الطيور الخريفية

2010-03-16 10:46:48
EEC Launched the Scientific Book " Birds of Palestine"

EEC Launched the Scientific Book " Birds of Palestine"

2010-02-24 10:30:14
Planting trees in Ramallah to celebrate Tree Day

2010-01-22 13:55:15
The EEC announced the winners of the Environmental Contests

2009-12-07 13:43:38
Bishop Academy's visit to al-Walaja

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Advocacy and Environmental Justice

At the EEC's pristine hilltop location in Beit Jala’s rolling green countryside, it is easy to assume that one is in a country free from environmental problems. This statement is far from the truth, however; a widespread lack of environmental awareness among the Palestinian population has led to environmental degradation--pollution, loss of biodiversity, and loss of habitat for indigenous animals--and has created conditions that seriously jeopardize the future of Palestine's natural environment.

Continued Israeli military occupation of Palestinian lands has further exacerbated certain environmental problems. Israeli control over Palestinian ground water resources, severe restriction of Palestinian freedom of movement, the continued confiscation of Palestinian land, and the destruction of countless groves of centuries-old olive trees pose additional grave threats to the region’s ecology.

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