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After having worked many months together with the Lutheran Church of the Atonement (Illinois, USA), the Environmental Education Center launched successfully the project “Planting New Hope”.  The project aims at supporting Palestinian farmers by providing them with new olive trees. While the members of the Lutheran Church of Atonement deal on their side with the olive trees sale, trying to collect as much funds as possible, the EEC organizes the distribution of the olive trees to the local farmers.

On November 16th, the EEC welcomed more than thirty visitors, who came from the USA as part of the project. After a visit to the center, the group was led to the community of Al-Walaja, located in the northwest of the Bethlehem area. Surrounded from all parts by Israeli’s illegal settlements, the village has constantly been an important hotspot of Israel’s policy of occupation and many lands were confiscated from the village by the Israeli authorities for the construction of the Apartheid Wall. Braving the bad weather, the participants together with EEC’s staff members planted about fifteen trees as a symbol of “Planting New Hope” launch. Meanwhile, they had the opportunity to get to know better the complicated situation of the local farmers in al-Walaja. At the end, 141 olive trees were offered by the Lutheran Church of the Atonement to the EEC that will afterwards distribute them to the local farmers. Both sides benefited greatly from this wonderful experience and were truly looking forwards to strengthening their cooperation in the “Planting New Hope” project.


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